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Unlock the power of your health data. Earn rewards, and contribute to life-saving research. Totally anonymous.
Our Story

We're builders in the healthcare world that saw a huge problem - despite healthcare data growing faster than ever, the flow of that data isn't closely controlled by its creators. And, that data isn't going where it's most needed.

Our Vision

Health data is valuable - to you, and to institutions doing great work. We believe there's a way you can earn for providing your data to institutions that need it most. 


We're creating a tool where you earn by deciding who access your data. And, how much. Connect your accounts, and collect rewards - our platform decides where your data should go, and how it'll impact health research and cutting-edge tech. 

How it works


We cross-check your testing needs with labs and testing facilities across the country to source you as many possible bids to get your test at the best possible price.


Sourcing diagnostic testing can take up to weeks, with JupiterDx you receive bids for the test in as little as 48 hours.

How it works

Link your health accounts

Sign in to your various health accounts (Strava, Fitbit, Peleton, etc.) or your health record provider. Then, we scrub, analyze, and find hidden valuable insights across all your data sources.

Connect with trusted organizations

We automatically connect you with various organizations that benefit from your health footprint. You then consent to who gets your insights, and how much from non-profits you support, to healthcare organizations you trust. 

Get rewarded

Earn rewards for providing your information. Configure to send data continuously to earn automatically.


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